• Protects Your Luggage
  • Deters Tampering
  • Ensures Peace of Mind

Secure Bag Wrap

available in all major London Airports and Stations

  • BagWrap.Com is the leading UK and European supplier of Luggage Wrapping services
  • Our special non-heat mechanised process protects your luggage against damage in transit whilst deterring pilferage
  • Find us at over 30 UK Airport and Rail Stations Transport Hubs
  • Outlets in all terminals at both London Heathrow, London Gatwick Airports and London Luton Airports
  • Also available at Manchester Piccadilly Rail Station

Seal & Secure your belongings with our protective Film

  • Commercial strength plastic film
  • Proven theft deterrent
  • Tamper resistant/ evident
  • Where tampering does occur is immediately visible
  • Stretches to protect any size or surface of luggage