What Can I Wrap?

We can wrap all types of luggage

We can wrap almost any size
or type of luggage including:

If you have it, we can wrap it

Our protective wrap adapts perfectly to the particular size and shape of your luggage

Our machines are designed to wrap luggage sizes that would typically be accepted as ‘normal’ luggage by airlines.

Where an item is not suitable for wrapping by our machine we can offer to hand wrap such reasonably sized items. Please be aware that items which cannot be wrapped by machine and can only be wrapped by hand due to their fragility are wrapped at the customers own risk. 

Items which are wrapped at the customers own risk include (but are not limited to) fishing rods, snooker / pool cures, single golf clubs, rolls of wallpapers.

We will always do our best to accommodate hand wrap requests with bubble wrap but please not that wrapping of any unusual items by hand comes with the above disclaimer of risk.