Answers to commonly asked questions


How much does Bag Wrap cost?

For pricing at your preferred airport please visit our Price Page 

Classic Bag Wrap and Ultra Bag Wrap are our most popular Bag Wrap products and include Onward Journey Baggage Liability Protection for additional peace of mind.

What is Onward Journey Liability Protection?

Our Onward Journey Liability protects against damage or loss to the wrapped item on your immediate planned journey and is designed to give you additional peace of mind when you travel. 

To see the level of cover included in our Classic Bag Wrap and Ultra Bag Wrap options please visit Price Page.

Do you offer discounts to for tour groups or large number of items?

Please visit our Contact Us page for further assistance. We'll be happy to help!

Opening Hours & Locations

What are your Opening Hours?

Our opening hours differ depending on location. Please check our locations page for details on opening hours and individual locations.

In general we are open on airport departures concourses from 0600 through until 2100 or later.

If you need service outside these hours, and our outlet on the departures concourse is closed, please make your way to our arrivals concourse outlet which will be open until 2300.

Where can I get my luggage wrapped?

For full details on all our Bag Wrap outlets please visit our locations page. There you will be able to find the location and opening hours of your most convenient Bag Wrap outlet.

United Kingdom 

In the UK we have Bag Wrap locations in every terminal at London Heathrow, London Gatwick Airport, London Stansted and London Luton Airports. You can also find us in Manchester Airport.


In Europe we provide luggage sealing services at Budapest, Dublin and Geneva Airports.

Middle East 

In the Middle East find us in Dammam and Doha Hamad International Airports.


Wrapping Process

What can I Wrap?

Our ultra-resistant film can protect all commonly used luggage types including 

  • - Suitcases
  • - Trolleycases
  • - Holdalls
  • - Backpacks
  • - Golf Bags
  • - Sports Bags
  • - Any type of bag
  • - Boxes / Cartons
  • - Prams / Pushchairs
  • - Baby Car Seats
  • - And more....


If your item is not listed above please ask in-store whether it can be wrapped and we'll do our best to assist.

Why should I wrap my luggage?

Wrapping your luggage protects your luggage whilst it is out of sight from a number of risks. Wrapped luggage benefits from enhanced protection against:

  • - Germs & Bacteria 
  • - Theft
  • - Tampering
  • - Damage
  • - Scuffs & Scratches
  • - The risk of luggage opening whilst in transit 


Bag Wrap keeps your luggage clean and provides an effective barrier against all conditions. Seal your luggage with our hygienic, ultra-resistant film for maximum safety and confidence every time you travel.

Our protective film ensures that no one can gain access to your luggage without your knowledge, significantly reducing risk of anything being taken out of (or put into) your luggage.

Additional peace of mind is provided through our Onward Journey Liability Protection which is available on our Classic & Ultra Bag Wrap products.

I want to wrap my bicycle or pushchair. Can you help?

We can wrap your pram or pushchair. In the case of bicycles, we supply bike boxes in most airport locations. Unless you are looking to wrap a child’s bike we would recommend our bike boxes as they provide more suitable protection.

Can you help with my golf clubs, skis, and sports equipment?

We can wrap most sports equipment that is not larger than 1.2m on longest side.

Do you wrap surfboards?

Unfortunately we cannot wrap surfboards as the are too large for our machines.

Is there anything else you cannot wrap?

Our machines are designed to wrap luggage sizes that would typically be accepted as ‘normal’ items of check-in luggage by airlines.

Where an items is not suitable for wrapping by our machine we can offer to hand wrap such reasonably sized items. Please be aware that items which cannot be wrapped by machine and can only be wrapped by hand due to their fragility are wrapped at the customers own risk.

Items which are wrapped at the customers own risk include (but are not limited to) fishing rods, snooker / pool cures, single golf clubs, rolls of wallpapers.

We will always do our best to accommodate hand wrap requests with bubble wrap but with the above disclaimer of risk.

I am taking a flat screen TV. Can you help with this?

Such items are typically not suitable for bag wrapping but if you provide minimum 5 working days notice we can arrange for the construction of crate for shipment by air cargo services.

Please get in touch via the Contact Us form with your requirements and we will contact you with a price as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE that crates/special packing must be booked and paid for minimum 5 days in advance as they are made to order.

How long have you provided luggage sealing services ?

Excess Baggage Company has been providing secure baggage wrapping services on airport concourses since 1991.

Once My Bag Is Wrapped

What happens if security or the airline wish to check my luggage?

Your luggage is automatically screened by security personnel. If they need to open it for any reason before travel simply return the item to us on the day of travel, and we will re-wrap it free of charge.

What happens if a lot of luggage is wrapped on my flight ...how will I identify it?

This is not a problem. We supply labelling and your baggage tag will always be visible as we make allowances for handles and wheels to show through the wrapping.

We will always make sure your luggage is easily identifiable and retains its full functionality. We find our Bag Wrap service is especially popular to regions such as South Africa, South America, Middle East, Asia and Russia.

How will I remove the wrap after I have arrived at my destination?

Use a sharp knife or a pair of scissors and carefully remove the wrapping.

If I have lots of luggage can you collect from my residence and wrap it for me?

Yes we can provide this service in the UK and Ireland.

Please get in touch via the Contact Us form detailing your requirements and we will contact you with a price as soon as possible. We offer daily collection services in most parts of the UK.

What other protective measures can you offer?

We provide a full range of travel goods and accessories at all of our airport outlets; including padlocks, and tape, and a wide range of bags for repacking.

Can you deliver my luggage to my hotel or residence overseas?

We have 30 years experience of shipping excess baggage worldwide. If you are interested in overseas baggage shipping please let us know your requirements via the Contact Us form and we be in touch with delivery options.